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Government Innovation

Robinson, J. A.

City of Syracuse


Project: Research project

Syracuse Center of Excellence in Environmental and Energy Systems

Dang, T. Q., Driscoll, C. T., Glauser, M. N., Higuchi, H., Ezzat Khalifa, H., Lautz, L. K., Raina, R., Ren, D., Siegel, D., Stenson, T., Zhang, J., Asefa, T., Bomberg, M., Dabrowiak, J., Dittman, J., Grunewald, J., Isik, C., Luk, Y. Y., Marr, D., Maye, M. M., Mehrotra, K., Mohan, C. K., Sangani, A. S., Sponsler, M. & Torrance, D.

Environmental Protection Agency


Project: Research project

IRP Ranking

Diz, F. & Shukla, R.

UBS Securities LLC


Project: Research project

WISE Pulse Pilot Study

Pauline, G. A.

Women in Sports and Events


Project: Research project