School of Information Studies

Research Output


Website Authentication Using an Internet Connected Device

Barbosa, N. M. & Wang, Y., Mar 22 2018

Research output: Patent


Dynamic Radio Frequency Mapping

Bastidas, C. E. C., Vanhoy, G., Volos, H., Hirzallah, M. & Bose, T., Sep 10 2015

Research output: Patent


Active Access Control System and Method

Park, J., Feb 2013, Patent No. 8,387,115

Research output: Patent


System and Apparatus for Storage and Transfer of Secure Data on the Web

Park, J. S., Sep 2011, Patent No. 8,019,881

Research output: Patent


Distributed Video Content Management and Sharing System

Covell, A., Kostadinov, B., Sedore, C., Daley, J., Patterson, J., Fudge, M. A. & Nadzan, S., Aug 7 2008, Patent No. 9,262,545

Research output: Patent


Multilingual Document Retrieval System and Method Using Semantic Vector Matching

Yu, E. S., Liddy, E., Li, M. & Paik, W., Dec 21 1999, Patent No. 6,006,221

Research output: Patent

Natural Language Information Retrieval System and Method

Liddy, E., McKenna, M. E., Li, M. & Paik, W., Oct 5 1999, Patent No. 5,963,940

Research output: Patent

Natural Language Processing System for Semantic Vector Representation Which Accounts for Lexical Ambiguity

Yu, E. S., Liddy, E. & Paik, W., Feb 16 1999, Patent No. 5,873,056

Research output: Patent