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All judges are political--except when they are not: acceptable hypocrisies and the rule of law

Bybee, K. J., 2010, Stanford, Calif: Stanford Law Books. 177 p. (The cultural lives of law)

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Anxious politics: Democratic citizenship in a threatening world

Albertson, B. & Gadarian, S. K., Jan 1 2015, Cambridge University Press. 247 p.

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Bench press: the collision of courts, politics, and the media

Bybee, K. J., 2007, Stanford, CA: Stanford University Press. 230 p.

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China's governance puzzle: Enabling transparency and participation in a single-party state

Stromseth, J. R., Malesky, E. J., Gueorguiev, D., Hairong, L., Xixin, W. & Brinton, C., Feb 27 2017, Cambridge University Press. 326 p.

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Click on democracy: The internet’s power to change political apathy into civic action

Davis, S., Elin, L. & Reeher, G. D., Jan 1 2018, Taylor and Francis. 295 p.

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Democracy and Confl ict Resolution: The dilemmas of Israel̓s peacemaking

Elman, M. F., Haklai, O. & Spruyt, H., Jan 1 2014, Syracuse University. 288 p.

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How civility works

Bybee, K. J., 2016, Stanford University Press.

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Iranian Intellectuals and the West: The Tormented Triumph of Nativism

Boroujerdi, M., 1996, Syracuse, NY: Syracuse University Press. 256 p.

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Jerusalem: Conflict and cooperation in a contested city

Adelman, M. & Elman, M. F., Jan 1 2014, Syracuse University Press. 364 p.

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Mirror for the Muslim prince: Islam and the theory of statecraft

Boroujerdi, M., Jan 1 2013, Syracuse University. 468 p.

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Semi-citizenship in democratic politics

Cohen, E. F., Jan 1 2009, Cambridge University Press. 236 p.

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Tarashidam, Parastidam, Shikastam: Guftarhay-i dar Siyasat va Huvyiyat-i Irani

Translated title of the contribution: I Carved, Worshiped and Shattered: Essays on Iranian Politics and IdentityBoroujerdi, M., 2010, Iran: Neigh-e Mo`aser. 189 p.

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The family and the political self

Thomas, L., Jan 1 2006, Cambridge University Press. 184 p.

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Vessels of evil: American slavery and the holocaust

Thomas, L. M., Dec 1 2010, Temple University Press. 211 p.

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Why democracy deepens: Political information and decentralization in India

Sadanandan, A., Jan 1 2017, Cambridge University Press. 192 p.

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