Department of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering

Research Output


Self-Replenishing Boundary Lubrication in Hydrogels Using Zwitterionic Polymers

Osaheni, A., Blum, M. M. & Mather, P., Mar 5 2019, Patent No. 10,220,118

Research output: Patent


An Electricity and Syngas Co-Generation System Using Porous Solid Oxide Fuel Cells

Ahn, J., Wang, K., Zeng, P. & Milcarek, R. J., Jun 15 2017

Research output: Patent


Spatial Localization of Intermittent Noise Sources by Acoustic Antennae

Lewalle, J., Dec 17 2015, Patent No. 9,423,490

Research output: Patent


Furnace with an Integrated Flame Assisted Fuel Cell for Combined Heating and Power

Khalifa, H. E. & Ahn, J., Dec 11 2014, Patent No. 10,170,780

Research output: Patent


High Performance Flame Fuel Cell Using an Anode Supported Solid-Oxide Fuel Cell

Ahn, J., Jan 10 2013, Patent No. 8,906,577

Research output: Patent

Power and Refrigeration Cascade System

Khalifa, H. E., Nov 18 2013

Research output: Patent


Power and Refrigeration Cascade System

Khalifa, H. E., Feb 12 2009

Research output: Patent

Wind Powered Device

Pelken, P. M. & Dang, T. Q., Oct 1 2009, Patent No. 7,824,060

Research output: Patent


Open Web Services-Based Indoor Climate Control System

Bogucz, E. A., Lipson, E., Michalak, G., Lewandowski, G., Beca, L., Podgorny, M., Gelling, P. D., Roman, P., Markowski, R. & Santanam, S., Nov 13 2008, Patent No. 7,904,209

Research output: Patent


Method and System for Controlling Airfoil Actuators

Higuchi, H. & Glauser, M., Nov 30 2006, Patent No. 7,930,073

Research output: Patent


Transfer Port for Movement of Materials Between Clean Rooms

Barrows, J. F., Jan 20 2004, Patent No. 6,679,672

Research output: Patent