Department of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science

Research Output


Diversity Combining of Non-Coherently Modulated LDPC Codes in Wireless Communications

Chen, B., Zhu, F., Borle, K. & Zhao, Y., Mar 26 2019, Patent No. 10,243,696

Research output: Patent

Incorporation of Lipids as a Means to Reduce Corrosion in Taper Junctions

Pierre, D. & Gilbert, J., Jan 10 2019

Research output: Patent

Multi-directional Wireless Charging Of Vehicles And Robots

Parimi, P. & Raihan Hossain, Oct 10 2019

Research output: Patent

Piezoelectric sensors and quartz crystal monitors

Schlereth, F. & Spencer, J., Jul 18 2019

Research output: Patent

System And Method For Audio Event Detection In Surveillance Systems

Salekin, A., Ghaffarzadegan, S. & Feng, Z., Sep 6 2019

Research output: Patent

Improved Piezoelectric Sensor and Quartz Crystal Monitors

Schlereth, F. & Spencer, J., Mar 15 2018, Patent No. 10,295,504

Research output: Patent

Wireless power Transfer Systems And Components Thereof

Senior, D. & Parimi, P., Mar 15 2018

Research output: Patent


Sensor for Sensing Substances in an Environment

Schlereth, F., Mar 6 2014, Patent No. 9,435,767

Research output: Patent


Automatic Detection by a Wearable Camera

Almagambetov, A., Casares, M. & Velipasalar, S., May 23 2013, Patent No. 9,571,723

Research output: Patent

Method for Context Aware Text Recognition

Bishop, M., Wu, Q., Qiu, Q. & Linderman, R., Jul 25 2013

Research output: Patent


Methods of Improving Detectors and Classifiers Using Optimized Stochastic Resonance Noise

Varshney, P. & Peng, R., Nov 1 2012, Patent No. 9,026,404

Research output: Patent


Methods and Systems for Obtaining Data From Networks of Sources

Scaglione, A., Varshney, P. & Hong, Y-W., Apr 19 2011, Patent No. 7,929,411

Research output: Patent


Method for Secure Communication Over Heterogeneous Networks

Chen, B. & Xu, J., Dec 9 2010, Patent No. 8,671,277

Research output: Patent

Optimized Stochastic Resonance Signal Detection Method

Chen, H., Varshney, P. & Peng, R., Jul 1 2010, Patent No. 8,214,177

Research output: Patent


Photonic Crystal Devices Using Negative Refraction

Parimi, P., Vodo, P., Sridhar, S., Lu, W. T. & Huang, Y., Apr 2 2009

Research output: Patent

System And Method for Distributed Audio Recording and Collaborative Mixing

Grandinetti, D., Molloy, I. & Howison, J., Mar 12 2009, Patent No. 8,301,076

Research output: Patent


Bacteriorhodopsin-Based Photochromic Sensor For Detection of Chemical and Environmental Toxins

Marcy, D., Stuart, J. A. & Birge, R. R., Mar 6 2008, Patent No. 7,790,442

Research output: Patent

Open Web Services-Based Indoor Climate Control System

Bogucz, E. A., Lipson, E., Michalak, G., Lewandowski, G., Beca, L., Podgorny, M., Gelling, P. D., Roman, P., Markowski, R. & Santanam, S., Nov 13 2008, Patent No. 7,904,209

Research output: Patent


Optimized Stochastic Resonance Method for Signal Detection and Image Processing

Chen, H., Michels, J. & Varshney, P., Jul 26 2007, Patent No. 7,668,699

Research output: Patent


Cross-Flow Fan Propulsion System

Kummer, J. D. & Dang, T. Q., Nov 30 2006, Patent No. 7,641,144

Research output: Patent

Frictionless, Non-Destructive Playback System for Cylinder Recordings

Phelps, F. & Penn, W. A., May 9 2006, Patent No. 7,042,221

Research output: Patent


Blind OFDM Channel Estimation and Indentification Using Receiver Diversity

Chen, B., Apr 22 2004, Patent No. 7,355,958

Research output: Patent


Platform-Independent Collaboration Backbone and Framework for Forming Virtual Communities Having Virtual Rooms with Collaborative Sessions

Cheng, G., Fox, G. C., Olszewski, K., Walczak, K., Beca, L., Podgorny, M., Sokolowski, P. & Jurga, T., Jun 20 2000, Patent No. 6,078,948

Research output: Patent


Multilingual Document Retrieval System and Method Using Semantic Vector Matching

Yu, E. S., Liddy, E., Li, M. & Paik, W., Dec 21 1999, Patent No. 6,006,221

Research output: Patent

Natural Language Processing System for Semantic Vector Representation Which Accounts for Lexical Ambiguity

Yu, E. S., Liddy, E. & Paik, W., Feb 16 1999, Patent No. 5,873,056

Research output: Patent


Semiconductor Fiber Light Amplifier

Stacy, J. L., Krol, M. F., Kornreich, P. & Boncek, R. K., Nov 17 1998, Patent No. 5,838,868

Research output: Patent