Cell Sorter System

  • Eric B. Finkelstein (Manager)

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The flow core houses two instruments: a flow cytometer (BD Accuri C6) for analyzing samples, and a cell sorter (BD FACS Aria) for separating up to four populations from mixed samples.

The Accuri is a small, bench-top cytometer housing 2 light scatter detectors, 2 lasers, and 4 fluorescence detectors that enable the detection of up to four fluorochromes.

Cell sorting with the FACS Aria allows up to four populations in a mixed sample to be separated and collected in separate vessels simultaneously. Unlike in analyzers (such as the Accuri C6), where the cells simple go the waste, these cells are preserved in appropriate buffer so that they can be further analyzed, later studied, and potentially even cultured after sorting.


NameCell Sorter System
Acquisition date1/1/14


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