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The goal of this edited book is to provide collegiate educators from all disciplines with a manual for implementing critique, a process of feedback well-known and utilized among the design disciplines. The manual will feature a collection of immersive critiquing activities that engage students and instructors alike. They include anecdotal accounts of trying new things in unusual learning environments, as well as theory-based approaches and scientific investigations concerning design pedagogy.

This manual will fill a distinct gap in resources available to design and project-based educators. Currently, nothing in the nature of a compiled source of critique-based research and resources exists. This proposed manual will provide instructors with a resource of ideas for how to purposefully craft a critiquing process (i.e. for a design studio, for an inexperienced group of students, to give all students a voice in a peer review, to prepare students to effectively provide and receive criticism). Filling the gap is important because when approaches to alternative critiquing methods lack guidance, strategy, and theoretical basis, they can fuel a negative or confusing experience for learners. Like any skill, implementing creative critiquing methods takes guidance and practice.
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